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More Videos with Canon 5D Mark II

December 1st, 2008 No comments

Scenes from Inbamura HD – Shot with Canon 5D Mark II from Joichi Ito on Vimeo.

I’m following what Joi Ito do, he is one of the web’s leading thinkers and writers on a number of cutting-edge technologies ( businessweek version ) he just came back from Italy, he took some video with Canon 5D Mark II, capture the chilly Sunday in Inbamura. The shoot quality is good and worth movie to watch.

[ Source joi.ito ]

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Target Gift Cards – Miniature Digital Cameras

November 12th, 2008 No comments

Jerry Whiting is from, he read about the Target digital camera and after work he went out and bought one. If you curious about something you will be quick to flow your money out.
Anyway Jerry is also known as deconstruct and tweak unsuspecting digital cameras.
This is identified as the “DualCamera” model DC-2179 from Americhip, Inc. in Torrance CA. The specs are listed as 640×480 (25 fotos) or 320×240 (100 fotos), video 25 secs. 24 bit JPG & AVI. 4M x 16 bit SRAM storage. F2.8 aperture 1-1/10000 sec shutter speed.

The camera runs on two AAA batteries an also has a self timer. In addition, the camera comes with a USB cord, driver disk and instruction manual.

[ Source jetcityorange ]

Angle Viewfinder Attached to Compact

November 8th, 2008 No comments

I have found the tool which help digital compact on LCD viewing – snap photos without
kneeling, bow, when you’re lying on bed and take candid pictures without hiding.

Whatever the situation, the Flipbac angle viewfinder offers you and your pictures unique perspective. Looks like flip out viewing of the LCD on DSLR.

Flipbac has created a mechanism that attaches to your compacts LCD and allows LCD viewing from multiple and unique angles. Not only does Flipbac provide additional viewing angles it also serves to protect the LCD.

[ Via Digital Camera Tracker Source flipbac ]

flipbac 150x150flipbac2 150x150

Tokyo Reality (Canon 5D MarkII)

November 6th, 2008 No comments

Tokyo Reality (Canon 5D MarkII) from utsuru on Vimeo.

On Monday Akihabara released some news about 5D Mark II Full HD video screen shot.
Today this is the final official HD Video by Canon 5D Mark II, the video is so amazing.

I don’t mind to try it, do you ?

[ Source photographybay ]

First Impression Video by DigitalRev

October 26th, 2008 No comments

Canon PowerShot G10 has the first impression video from Digital Rev which show that gear improved 14.7 megapixels CCD sensor to the new DIGIC 4 processor, so you can get excellent image quality which you can view on the dazzling 461k dots LCD.
[ Source digitalrev ]

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Sample HD Video From Dpreview

October 11th, 2008 No comments

picture 1 300x220

Dpreview just added two sample HD movies from the Canon 5D Mark II at 1080p resolution to the camera’s preview. It’s sharp as you see from the window.

[ Source dpreview ]

check this out, but before that it’s recommend downloading them, rather than trying to view them on the page,thanks.

dpreview video2 300x169dpreview video1 300x169

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